Arum maculatum plant and inflorescence
Arum maculatum L. in situ in France. Photo by David Scherberich.

The European Aroid Society is a registered society which aims to bring together aroid enthusiasts from all over Europe. We intend to get more people of all ages involved with the arum family on both a scientific and horticultural basis. Whether you are an experienced gardener, a full-time botanist or a beginning hobbyist, this is the place for you to share your knowledge and meet like-minded people passionate about araceae.

Our society was established to give members the opportunity to meet like-minded people with a mutual interest in araceae, their culture and science.

The logo depicts Arum maculatum L., designed by Eileen Muñoz. A. maculatum is one of the earliest described aroids and serves as the type species for the entire family. Known by the names “Lords and Ladies” and “cuckoo pint”, it has one of the richest and oldest backstories of all plants.

Annual meeting

Visit of a botanical garden, lectures, sales & auctions. Past meetings have been held at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Plantentuin Meise, Jardin Botanique de Lyon and more!

Our Newsletter

Our newsletter “The Aroid Bulletin” is completely digital. It has plant news, aroider portraits, collection visits, aroid cultivation and member articles. Ben Candlin (UK) is the editor with Fabrizio de Rossi (AUST) as co-editor.

Articles are published in English. French, Dutch, German, Swedish, Spanish and Polish articles are accepted and will be published along a translation.

We are always looking for people to write for the newsletter. Do you have a good idea for a short article concerning aroids, horticulture or a collection visit? Mail us at!

Arum maculatum plant and inflorescence
Arum maculatum L. in situ in France. Photo by David Scherberich.

Our Board

President: David Scherberich (France)

Vice-president: Deni Bown (Spain)

Secretary: Enimie van Steenberge (Belgium)

Treasurer: Mo Bhula (UK)

Website manager: Nils Weessies (the Netherlands)

Newsletter editor: Ben Candlin (UK)

Head of Design committee: Min Lee (UK)

Event manager: Florian Etl (Austria)

Board member: Douglas Lisboa (France)

Board member: Geneviève Ferry (France)

Board member: Gianluca Corazza (Italy)

Honorary President: Peter Boyce (Malaysia)


The European Aroid Society is a registered (0758.862.375) Nonprofit organization under Belgian law, founded in 2020.